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Barking & Dagenham Erkenwald Basketball Club

Match Report EMBL - Tuesday 18th March 2003
Erks 1 69 Erks 2 104


Erks seniors and vets regained the bragging rights over Fun Ed's one man team of Craig plus supporting cast on Tuesday night with a good spanking of the youngsters. A good all round performance from the old boys at both ends of the floor meant only one winner was going to prevail.

Fun Ed's tactics of a zone defence to counter the threat of Garbage Time Dave inside meant early openings for Lee Atkinson and Italian Dave outside who duly converted to open a quick 10 point lead. In the previous encounter, Fun Ed left Craig on the bench for the first minute of the match in order to reinforce his policy of development for his juniors who train every week but this time Craig was thrown in from the start. Whilst Craig was leading the attack, the seniors still took charge and when Craig left the game injured, Erks 2 were already leading by 15.

Coach McCusker pulled GT Dave into his new preferred outside position where he quickly hit a couple of 3's but Mark Denchfield hit back with a couple to keep the lead to only 13 at the break.

The 3rd quarter was to be decisive where all 5 Erks 2 starters scored in the quarter to lead 76 - 49 going into the final quarter. As a fourth quarter garbage time period followed, GT Dave watched Garbage Time Wes compete for his title as Wes drilled 11 points in 3 minutes. However, the icing was on the cake for Erks 2 as both Martin and Paul hit 3 pointers in the final 2 minutes to rub in a one sided game against Fun Ed and his "woo ha" gang.

Erks 1: Garbage Time Wes 17, Mark Denchfield 18, Rela 2, Craig 9, Rob 0 (but some good fouls), Fun Ed 2, Irfan 19, Alan Parker 0, Frenchy 2.

Erks 2: Declan 7, Broms 7, Martin 22, Lee Atkinson 8, Gary 0, Italian Dave 18, Garbage Time Dave 27, Paul Haydan 15

Report posted: 20/03/03

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