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Barking & Dagenham Erkenwald Basketball Club

Match Report EMBL - Monday 29th March 2004
Spitfires 89
Erks 2 51


This year's EMBL champions, Erks 2, travelled to Pastures Youth Centre in Leytonstone on Monday night for the last league game of the season. Having lost to Erks 2 earlier in the season the home team was looking to both avenge the 77 - 59 loss and also to consolidate qualification in the play-offs. To compound matters Erks 2 had four regular team players unavailable so Coach McCusker was forced to draft in veterans Dave Bromfield and Peter Horrell to strengthen the team.

The first quarter started with the Spitfires racing away to a 0 - 16 lead. It was seven minutes before Martin Overare registered Erks 2's first point from the free throw line. He added another 2 in the ninth and that was the Erks' total for the quarter. The Spitfires on the other hand seemed to have no problem offensively and, by the end of the quarter, had combined for a total of 26 points.

The second quarter saw a much improved Erks performance. John Kimani led the Erks offense with a series of strong moves to the hoop and, together with some accurate outside shooting, finished the quarter with 13 points. Not to be outdone, Martin Overare also started to find success and added 6. Defense was much improved too as the Spitfires could only add 17 more to their total compared to Erks 2's 21.

The third quarter continued in a similar manner to the second. Erks' defense stayed tight while the offense continued finding success with Dave Passacantilli, Lee Atkinson and Declan McCusker all registering points. Unfortunately despite the better play, Erks 2 still went into the final period 38 - 59 behind.

Peter Horrell opened the scoring in the fourth hitting 1 from two free throws. Lee Atkinson then added another two before the Spitfires went on a 0 - 11 run that included 3 consecutive treys that finally killed off the game. Declan McCusker, John Kimani and Martin Overare added more points but by then the game was over. In fact it came to an abrupt end when one of the Spitfires broke the backboard after a massive dunk.

Erks 2 must now wait to see who will join them in the EMBL play-offs. Currently it appears that only Tigers and Forest are actually out of the play off race so the remaining few games will be cruicial.

Erks scorers:
John Kimani 18, Martin Overare 15, Declan McCusker 8, Dave Passacantilli 5, Lee Atkinson 4, Peter Horrell 1, Dave Bromfield.

Report posted: 30/03/04

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Dave Churches 57.1%
Dave Passacantilli 23.8%
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