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Barking & Dagenham Erkenwald Basketball Club

Match Report Game 2 - Sunday 14th November 2004
Met Police 89
Barking & Dagenham Erkenwald 93

Steve Herd delivered nine points.

Dave "Broms" Bromfield scored two points.

All Photos Copyright 2004 Peter Horrell


On a cold Sunday morning in Catford a bunch of old blokes, a jumping bean and an Eastenders actor embarked on stage 2 of their Founders Cup challenge with an away fixture against the Met Police.

It was the Erks who started strongly opening up a 10 point gap primarily through Church and the Bean although it was more of an Erks collapse than a surge from the Police that turned the tables giving the Police a 3 point 1st quarter lead. This particular quarter was marred by 6 consecutive free throws for the Police owing to two technical fouls. The first of these on JP who protested that he was fouled on a drive by playing the old famous 'look at the referee as though you are aged 5' trick. The second was on coach Glennard who when challenging the fact that when the technical was called the play stops was informed by the referee that it took place at exactly the same split second as the defensive call at the other end of the floor!!!

The second quarter did not improve for the Erks and it was really a case of keeping as close as possible against some impressive Police shooting made easier by some lack luster zone D from the Erks. Half time the Erks down by 6.

A stiff half time team talk however appeared to address this and the 3rd quarter was a quite awesome display by the visitors. At the defensive end of the floor they were very difficult to breakdown, the guards working tirelessly to close down the shots and the forwards dominent in both help defense and rebounds. At the offensive end it was JP in particular who turned back the clock (and the scales) to keep the points flowing and Jonny Lee scored 4 points that anybody who has played with him before still can't quite believe. Additionally Martin Fowler began to light it up from downtown before rushing home for the Omnibus edition. A 15 point turnaround at the end of 3 was just rewards for their efforts and the Erks began the run down the stretch with a 9 point lead.

The start of the 4th was a trading baskets affair however it was not long before the expected big push from the home side closed the gap to a 1 point game. As expected though this effort brought with it both fouls and open spaces that were exploited on both fronts and the Erks held their nerves to record an impressive 89 - 93 win.

So its now off to the third group game with the unbeaten record still in tact. Who knows, perhaps the Erks haven't played their last Founders Cup Final after all.

Erks scorers:
Mark Denchfield-Fowler 14, Gareth 7, Martin "J Bean" Overare 20, Dave "Broms" Bromfield 2, Steve "Herdy" Herd 9, John "JP" Powell 20, Jonny Lee 6, Dave "Garbage" Church 15 and Gary "Coach" Glennard


Report posted: 17/11/04

Page Updated: Wednesday, 17th November 2004