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Barking & Dagenham Erkenwald Basketball Club
Mon, 9 April 2007

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Essex Metro Team
Erks 2 - EMBL Play-off Champions 2003
On Thursday night Erks 2 confirmed their status as top team in the EMBL this year with a 58 - 50 point win over Cardinals. Full report here.

(Posted 24.05.03)
Mixed fortunes for Erks
It was a case of mixed fortunes for Erkenwald's 2 Essex Met League teams in the end of season play-offs, as hopes of an all-Erkenwald final were dashed, but Declan McCusker's league title winning side remain very much on target for the double. Full details here.

(Posted 19.05.03)
EMBL Playoffs
The EMBL regular season finally finished on Sunday with Lakers defeating Hainault 67 - 53. This means that Cardinals and Lakers finish third and fourth respectively behind champions Erks 2 and runners up Erks 1. Click here for the final league table.

The play off games are as follows:

13/05  Erks 1 (2nd) v Cardinals (3rd)
15/05  Erks 2 (1st) v Lakers (4th)

All games take place at Sydney Russell and tip off at 20:40.

(Posted 13.05.03)
Erks 1 win at the buzzer
Wes Fortt sealed the win for Erks 1 with a three pointer at the buzzer against Cardinals on Thursday night.

Erks 1 scorers:
Irfan 22, Ed 2, Wes 21, Mark 5, Alan 2, Rela 3, Nee 5, French 3.

(Posted 15.04.03)
Erks 2 - EMBL Champions
Erks 2 defeated Hainault on Tuesday night and secured the 2002 / 2003 EMBL Championship.

Full report here.

(Posted 09.04.03)
Erks 2 beat Lakers
Erks 2 defeated Lakers 79 - 65 on Friday night. The game was sealed in the third after an Erks 2 27 - 6 run.

Erks scorers:
Dave Passacantilli 24, Martin Overare 15, Dave Churches 7, Shakey 10, Dave Bromfield 10, Lee Atkinson 8, Gary Glennard 3, Richard Williams 2

(Posted 23.03.03)
Erks 2 defeat Erks 1
Erks 2 defeated arch rivals Erks 1, 104 - 69, on Tuesday night. Full report here.

(Posted 20.03.03)
Erks 2 defeat Cardinals
Erks 2 defeated Cardinals 83 - 64 on Thursday night. Full report here.

(Posted 09.03.03)
Erks 1 hold off Lakers
A 12 - 0 start from a full strength Erks gave way to a very tight game with the lead changing hands throughout.

A late appearence from Lakers Carl Fortes and his subsequent thirty points was the main problem for the Erks who struggled to contain his strong drives and offensive rebounding in the first half. Good team offence from the Erks however resulted in a tied ball game at half time with the score at 38 all (Morris with 24 points) and all other Erks starters on the scoresheet.

The second half started with tougher defence from the Erks and a good move to a zone defence proved to be the difference with Mark and Wes playing well at the back of the zone and good rebounding leading to fast break baskets.

Despite a solid half from the lakers the Erks were equal to them, before a couple of threes from Mark Denchfield and Irfan Hussain gave us some needed breathing space with some long range baskets off Dela and Craig assists.

With the clock running down, the Lakers were forced to foul and Craig finished the game off with the last three of his forty points from the line. The final score being 79 - 74.

Erks 2 scorers:
Mark 15, Wes 5, Dela 7, Craig 40, Ed 6, Irf 6, Rob, Alan, Robin F

(Posted 05.03.03)
Erks 2 beat Forest
Erks 2 defeated Forest 96 - 37 on Thursday 27th.

Erks 2 scorers:
Declan 20; Paul 12; Lee Atkinson 6; Jerry Sandy 6; Dave Passacantilli 19; Martin Overare 33

(Posted 04.03.03)
Erks 1 beat Forest
Erks 1 defeated Forest 78 - 55 on Tuesday night. More details soon.

(Posted 13.02.03)
Erks 1 beat Tigers
Erks 1 cruised to a 104 - 55 win over Tigers on Thursday night. More details soon.

(Posted 07.02.03)
Erks 2 beat Forest by 4
A seven man Erks 2 team held on to win 57 - 53 at Forest on Thursday night. Unlike the last encounter between the teams the Erks were unable to finish the game off early on, due in part to Forest's hussling defense but also the Erks missing a lot of foul throws.

The Erks cause wasn't helped either with Declan McCusker fouling out at the start of the second half even though it was debatable that he had actually picked up five fouls. The 3rd also saw Gary Glennard thrown out for throwing an elbow. It was then left to the five remaining Erks to see off the Forest challenge.

The fourth quarter saw improved defense from the Erks and, offensively, Lee Atkinson woke up to hit 4 consecutive field goals. The game was sealed with three seconds left after webmaster Pete Horrell sank 1 out of 2 foul throws.

The game was notable for two other reasons, namely it was Jerry Sandy's debut for the Erks and also Phil Cooper's first game this season.

Erks Scorers:
Lee Atkinson 20, Declan McCusker 11, Gary Glennard 10, Peter Horrell 7, Richard Williams 6, Phil Cooper 2, Jerry Sandy 1

(Posted 06.02.03)
Erks 2 hit ton
With three players scoring 20 points and over, Erks 2 easily defeated Forest on Thursday night, 101 - 63. Their next game, on Sunday against Hainault, has been now been postponed.

Erks 2 Scorers:
Martin Overare 27, Declan McCusker 21, Paul Hayden 20, Lee Atkinson 14, Gary Glennard 11, Richard Williams 6, Pete Horrell 2 (Posted 24.01.03)
Erks 1 gain revenge
Erks 2 suffered only their second defeat of the season last night as Erks 1 proved too strong for Coach McCusker's understrength team. Full report here.

Erks 1 Scorers:
Craig Morris 36, Irfan Hussain 18, Wes Fortt 11, Ed Bailey 6, Dela Agbolegbe 6, Mark Denchfield 2, Rob Orugboh 2, R. French, Alan Parker

Erks 2 Scorers:
Declan McCusker 26, Paul Hayden 13, Lee Atkinson 12, Martin Overare 5, Pete Horrell 4, Richard Williams 2, Gary Glennard (Posted 22.01.03)
Erks 2 by 57
Erks 2 enjoyed their first game after the Xmas break with a convincing 115 - 58 win over Eastbury Tigers. The Tigers lacked height last night and this was fully exploited by the Erks who were always in control. Lee Atkinson top scored with 26 points that included 16 in the first half. Former Erk Lee Miller top scored for the Tigers with an impressive 24.

Erks 2 must now rest since they have a marathon 3 games in six days next week starting on Tuesday night when they visit Erks 1 at Sydney Russell.

Erks 2 Scorers:
Lee 26 (16 in the first quarter), Dave P. 21, Martin 16, Paul 13, Broms 12, Dec 11, Chims 10, Peter 6 (Posted 17.01.03)
Erks 1 win 3 in a row
Erks 1 continued their winning streak with a 82 - 43 victory over Eastbury Tigers on Tuesday 17th.

Erks 1 Scorers:
Wes 31, Mark 16, Frenchy 3, Irfan 16, Niyi 4, Tony 2 (taking over Ed's workload on offence), Alan 8 (including 2 threes after he had the green light), Dela 2 (Posted 20.12.02)
Erks 1 win 2 in a row
Niyi had a good first quarter with the highlight being a huge one handed dunk over their player coach - his first in a game and a very emotional moment for Coach Bailey. According to the Coach "this game was a good chance to give the youngsters a run with some very positive steps being made towards shot selection but more work on off the ball D is needed if we are going to get wins against the other sides in the league."

New player Rob Orugboh, playing in his first game for Erks, made some positive moves although he nearly "killed" their centre on some his fouls.

Erks 1 Scorers:
Wes 25, Irf 20, Mark 13, Niyi 10, Tony 7, Alan 4, Ed 2, Rob, Robin (Posted 04.12.02)
Erks 1 break losing streak
Erks 1 tasted victory once again on Thursday night as they defeated Eastbury Tigers. It was an easy victory with playground moves making a very strong showing for the Goodmayes Park Boys.

Coach Bailey's game quote "every time they scored it seemed to be on me".

Erks 1 Scorers:
Wes 35, Irf 23, Ed 22, Mark 18, Alan 6, Niyi 5, Dela 4 (Posted 04.12.02)
Erks 2 win 3rd in a row
Erks 2 continued their winning ways last night against Lakers at Sydney Russell. The victory, 61 - 38, was never in doubt for the home team however it was not pretty to watch.

The first quarter started off fine as the Erks, led by Dave Churches' 10 points, raced away to a 19 - 5 lead. In the second the Lakers offense kicked in outscoring the Erks 11 - 14 to end the half 30 - 19. Erks offensive options were reduced as Dave Passacantilli, last week's high performer, got himself into foul trouble early on and spent most of the half "on the pine".

The second half was an equally messy affair as neither team could settle into a rhythm. Fortunately the Erks were always in front and never looked in trouble and as they say, "a win is a win". The Erks next game is back at Sydney Russell on Thursday 5th against Tigers. Tip off is 20:40.

Erks Scorers:
Dave Churches 20, Nelson Miranda 10, Paul Hayden 10, Dave Passacantilli 9, Lee Atkinson 6, Declan McCusker 4, Pete Horrell 2, Richard Williams

Lakers Scorers:
C. Fortes 14, C. Brandon 9, P. Campbell 6, E. la Roque 5, P. Bayliss 4, I. Edmundson, N. Ratford (Posted 29.11.02)
Erks 2 on fire
Erks 2 were hot last night as they blew away last seasons champions Hainault. Bolstered by the inclusion of Dave Churches, the eight man Erks team excelled on all aspects of the game winning three of the four quarters. Hainault finally rallied in the fourth, led by Sean Reed's 15 fourth quarter points, bringing the score back to an (almost) respectable 92 - 68.

Full report here. (Posted 22.11.02)
Cardinals master Erks 1 again
Having lost to Cardinals nine days previously, Erks 1 suffered the same fate last night as Cardinals ended up easy winners again.

More details soon. (Posted 20.11.02)
Erks 2 win derby
Erks 2 showed their superiority and numbers on Thursday 7th as they defeated Coach Bailey's Erks 1 side 71 - 64. In a characteristically close game, Erks 2 finally prevailed in the fourth quarter. On the night it was new guard Dave Passacantilli who raised his game to the value of 18 points to lead Erks 2 to the victory.

Irfan Hussain was Erks 1 top scorer with 16 points including two treys. Wes Fortt (still fit this far into the season), Ed Bailey and Mark Denchfield added a further 42 points between them.

Coach McCusker was pleased at the end and, although Erks 1 were without Craig Morris, the win was deserved.

Erks 2 Scorers:
Martin Overare 10, Declan McCusker 8, Chris Olufeso 4, Nelson Miranda 9, Paul Hayden 8, Lee Atkinson 2, Dave Bromfield, Dave Passacantilli 18, Richard Williams 6

Erks 1 Scorers:
Wes Fortt 14, Irfan Hussain 16, Mark Denchfield 14, Dela Agbolegbe 4, Ed Bailey 14, Alan Parker 2. (Posted 13.11.02)
Erks 2 lose to Cardinals
On Thursday night, Erks 2 suffered their first EMBL defeat this season against the Cardinals. Starting slowly, the Erks allowed the Cardinals to race to a 14 - 26 lead at the end of the first quarter. The Erks managed to reduce the deficit to 4 at the half however were unable to maintain their momentum when it mattered and poor defense against the Cardinals' outside game allowed the Cardinals to remain in front through the third.

Coach McCusker tried to change things around in the fourth however the Cardinals outside shooting and fast break proved unstoppable on the night and they ran out 66 - 74 winners.

Erks Scorers:
Martin Overare 18, Declan McCusker 14, Chris Olufeso 12, Nelson Miranda 8, Paul Hayden 6, Lee Atkinson 4, Dave Bromfield 4, Dave Passacantilli, Richard Williams

Cardinals Scorers:
K. Carter 26, M. Moliva 13, C. Godden 11, B. Adegbulu 8, G Dupuis 5, H. Gabriel 2, E. Andrew 1 (Posted 01.11.02)
Erks 1 lose to Lakers
Following their defeat to Erks 2 earlier in the season, the Lakers bounced back to win a close game by one point on Tuesday night. Early advantage was with the Erks as they went into half time up by 6 however by the end of the third the score was tied at 46 - 46. In the fourth the Lakers finally edged in front to win by one.

Craig and Irfan were the major contributors to the Erks cause scoring 27 and 25 respectively. The rest of the team added 9.

Coach Bailey summed it up saying "basically we struggled inside and on the boards defensively". He also recognised Irf's and Craig's offensive performance. (Posted 01.11.02)
Revised EMBL schedule
The revised EMBL schedule for the Erks 2 team has now been updated. We'll be posting the Erks 1 schedule soon. (Posted 22.10.02)
Erks 2 win opener at Lakers
The new Erks 2 team recorded their first victory, 87 - 83, last night against the Lakers.

Full report here. (Posted 19.10.02)
Erks to enter two teams in EMBL
The Erks announced yesterday that they would be entering two teams, Erks 1 and Erks 2, in the EMBL league this season. This means that the opening game against Hainault is void.

The revised schedule is being issued and will be updated here very soon. (Posted 19.10.02)
Erks beat Hainault
The Erks started their EMBL season with a pleasing seven point win over last season's champions Hainault. Coach McCusker was ultimately pleased with the result and also with how his "new" team opened the season. Particular praise was given to new guard Dave Passacantilli who impressed on his debut.

Full report here. (Posted 09.10.02)
New season
The new EMBL 2002 / 2003 season tips off on Tuesday night with the Erks getting straight back into action against last season's champions Hainault. Tip off is 20:40 at Sydney Russell.

Click here to read how we got on in last year's campaign. (Posted 05.10.02)
Home Courts
All Essex Metro home games are played at Sydney Russell unless otherwise stated.

Click on the following links for directions to where we train and play:
Erks 1 (2) - Essex Metro Schedule 2002 / 2003
Game Date Opponent Tip Off Score
VOID Tue 8th Hainault 20:40 68 - 61 Win
1 Tue 29th Lakers 20:40 63 - 64 Loss
2 Thurs 7th at Erks 2 20:40 64 - 71 Loss
3 Sun 10th at Cardinals 17:00 Loss
4 Tue 19th Cardinals 20:40 Loss
5 Thurs 28th at Tigers 19:45 113 - 52 Win
6 Tue 3rd Forest 20:40 83 - 53 Win
7 Sun 8th at Hainault 14:00  
8 Tue 17th Tigers 20:40 82 - 43 Win
9 Sun 12th at Hainault 14:00  
10 Tue 21st Erks 2 20:40 81 - 62 Win
11 Fri 31st at Lakers 19:45  
12 Thurs 20th Hainault 20:40  
13 Sun 2nd at Cardinals 17:00  
14 Thurs 6th at Tigers 19:45 104 - 55 Win
15 Tue 11th Forest 20:40 78 - 55 Win
16 Tue 4th Lakers 20:40 79 - 74 Win
17 Tue 18th Erks 2 20:40 69 - 104 Loss
18 Thurs 20th at Forest 19:30  
19 Tue 13th Cardinals 20:40 65 - 76 Loss

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