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Barking & Dagenham Erkenwald Basketball Club
Mon, 9 April 2007

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Essex Metro Team
Erks 2's double double
Coach McCusker's Erks 2 team completed their second consecutive EMBL league and play-off double with their 96 - 75 win over 16th Reg in the play off final on Thursday 6th May.

Martin Overare was the game's MVP coming off the bench to hit 35 points. The full report is here.

Erks scorers:
Overare 35, Kimani 21, Churches 16, Herd 10, Hayden 8, Atkinson 4, McCusker 2, Bromfield, Williams.(Posted 17.05.04)
Erks 2 shoot down Spitfires
Dave Churches led Erks 2 last night scoring 26 points in the 56 - 54 win over Spitfires. Full report here.

Erks scorers:
Dave Churches 26, Chris Olufeso 11, Lee Atkinson 8, John Kimani 8, Paul Hayden 3. (Posted 28.04.04)
Play offs start tonight
Erks 2 face Spitfires in the first EMBL play off tonight at Sydney Russell. Tip off is 20:40. (Posted 27.04.04)
16th Reg finish 3rd
Helped by two wins over Erks 1, 16th Reg finished third in the EMBL this year which means that they will face Lakers in the play off semi final. Erks 2's play-off opponents are currently Spitfires however Hainault Stars could snatch fourth place if they defeat Cardinals by more than 32. More soon. (Posted 13.04.04)
Erks 1 lose final game
16th Reg beat Erks 1 for the second time in five days as they ran out 76 - 86 winners last night at Sydney Russell. More details soon. (Posted 07.04.04)
Erks 1 lose "unbelievable" game
Without three of their core players, Erks 1 produced the performance of the season to lose to 16th Reg on Thursday night. Although this loss means that they are now out of the play-off race, the manner of their play was certainly impressive and bodes well for next week's final game. The score was 87 - 97.

Erks scorers:
Irfan Hussein 28, Julian Morvan 24, Andrew French 13, Robin French 10, Toby Kallar 10, Terry Reeve 2.

Erks 1's next game is on Tuesday night when host 16th Reg at Sydney Russell. (Posted 02.04.04)
Erks 1 lose by 1
Erks 1 lost to Lakers by 1 point on Tuesday night. With only two games remaining this defeat could mean the end of their hopes of joining Erks 2 in the play-offs. More details soon. (Posted 31.03.04)
Erks 2 lose final league game
Erks 2 completed their regular season suffering a 51 - 89 point loss at Spitfires on Monday night. So depleted was the team that Coach McCusker had to call in veterans Dave Bromfield and Pete Horrell to bolster the team. The first period was the key for the Erks since they ended it down 3 - 26. The following two periods saw the Erks rally and they did actually outscore their younger opponents by 4 over the two middle periods. Unfortunately the damage had been done in the first quarter and by the fourth the Erks intensity dropped off and the Spitfires took control again.

Full report here.

Erks scorers:
John Kimani 18, Martin Overare 15, Declan McCusker, 8, Dave Passacantilli 5 Lee Atkinson 4, Peter Horrell 1, Dave Bromfield. (Posted 29.03.04)
Erks 1 win at Tigers
Erks 1 took a step closer to joining Erks 2 in the EMBL play-offs by beating Eastbury Tigers 91 - 72 on Thursday night.

Erks 1 scorers:
Wes Fortt 26, Andrew French 6, Irfan Hussein 18, Robin French 22, Toby Kallar 5, Farshid 4, Dela 4, Terry Reeve 1, Julian Morvan 5. (Posted 26.03.04)
Spitfires game confirmed
Erks 2's final regular season game against Spitfires will take place on Monday 29th March at Pastures Youth Club. Tip off is 19:30. (Posted 25.03.04)
Erks 2 retain EMBL title
The latest EMBL table shows that Erks 2 have retained the EMBL League title. With only one game remaining to be played against Spitfires, Erks 2's top position cannot now be usurped. Once the league competition is completed the top four teams qualify for the play-offs.

Click here for the latest table. (Posted 24.03.04)
Erks 2 beat 1
Scoring 25 and 20 points respectively, John Kimani and Martin Overare led Erks 2 to victory, 83 - 66, over the younger Erks 1 side on Thursday night.

Erks scorers:
John Kimani 25, Martin Overare 20, Paul Hayden 16, Dave Churches 13, Declan McCusker 5, Lee Atkinson 2, Dave Passacantilli 2.

Erks 1 scorers:
Sean Hutchison 18, Wes Fortt 14, Irfan Hussain 11, Julian Morvan 11, Dela Agbolegbe 7, Robin French 5, Andrew French 2.

Images here. (Posted 12.03.04)
Erks 1 schedule changes
The Erks 1 schedule has been updated with the dates of Erks 1's rearranged games against 16th Regiment. Both games will now take place in April. "Fools Day" sees Erks 1 at 16th Reg while the following Tuesday, 6th, 16th Reg are back at Sydney Russell. (Posted 10.03.04)
Erks 2 win at Cardinals
John Kimani and Martin Overare, with 22 and 20 points respectively, led Erks 2 to victory over Cardinals last Friday, 63 - 59. The next game is on Thursday 11th when Erks 2 meet Erks 1 for the penultimate game of the regular season.

Erks Scorers:
Martin Overare 20, Steve Herd 3, Lee Atkinson 10, John Kimani 22, Paul Haydan 4, Dave Churches 4, Declan McCusker. (Posted 08.03.04)
Updated EMBL table and results
Click on the links for the latest EMBL table and results. (Posted 08.03.04)
Erks 1 "cuttin' it close"
Erks 1 earned their sixth win of the season last night against Cardinals. In a low scoring game, the home team held on to win by two, 56 - 54.

Full report here. (Posted 03.03.04)
Erks 2 lose to Stars
Hainault Stars inflicted a second defeat on Coach McCusker's Erks 2 on Sunday afternoon. With their opponents missing some key personnel and unable to find any rhythm, Stars ended up winning 63 - 72. Full report here. (Posted 01.03.04)
Erks 1 win at Forest
Erks 1 got their fifth win of the season last night beating Forest 74 - 68.

Erks scorers:
Wes Fortt 15, Andrew French 2, Irfan Hussein 22, Robin French 3, Toby Kallar 4, Sean Hutchinson 22, Julian Morvan 6. (Posted 27.02.04)
Erks 2 beat Cardinals
Erks 2 comfortably beat Cardinals 86 - 50 last night at Sydney Russell.

Erks scorers:
Declan McCusker 6, Lee Atkinson 4, Martin Overare 12, Steve Herd 14, John Kimani 24, Paul Haydan 9, Dave Churches 18. (Posted 27.02.04)
Latest standings
Click on the following links to download the latest EMBL table and results. Both documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader to read. Click here to get it. (Posted 24.02.04)
Erks 2 beat Spitfires
Erks 2 maintained their top of the table position with a comfortable 77 - 59 win over the improving Spitfires. Full report here. (Posted 24.02.04)
Erks 2 beat 16 Reg
Erks 2 earned another win on Thursday night, defeating 16 Reg, 72 - 65. Dave Churches and Martin Overare top scored for the Erks with 17 and 16 points respectively. 16 Reg's centre, Momodu, hit 26.

Erks scorers:
Dave Churches 17, Martin Overare 16, Chris Olufeso 10, John Kimani 9, Steve Herd 6, Paul Hayden 6, Lee Atkinson 4, Declan McCusker 4. (Posted 13.02.04)
Schedules updated
The EMBL schedules were updated today with dates of rearranged games. These are denoted by an "R" after the game id. (Posted 12.02.04)
Erks 1 lose to Spitfires
Coach Morvan's Erks 1 side lost another game on Tuesday night against a new look Spitfires. Dela Agbolegbe and Sean Hutchison led the Erks scoring with 22 and 15 respectively.

Erks 1's next game is a rearranged one at Forest on Thursday 26th February. Tip off is 20.00.

Full report here. (Posted 11.02.04)
Erks 1 lose to Stars
Scoring only 7 points in the third quarter was the undoing of Coach Morvan's Erks 1 on Tuesday night. Down by one at the half, it was Stars who stepped up their game in the last two periods to win 55 - 79.

Report and images here. (Posted 04.02.04)
Erks 2 back to winning ways
Erks 2 defeated Forest 94 - 53 on Thursday night. Martin Overare was top scorer with 31. The highlight of the game though was Coach McCusker's two treys showing that he still has the feather light shooting touch from downtown.

Erks scorers:
Martin Overare 31, John Kimani 17, Declan McCusker 13, Chris Olufeso 9, Dave Bromfield 8, Lee Atkinson 8, Steve Herd 6, Richard Williams 2. (Posted 30.01.04)
Lakers end winning streak
Erks 2's EMBL winning streak of 19 games was finally ended on Friday 16th January by rivals Lakers, 66 - 71. Previously Erks 1 was the last team to defeat Erks 2 on January 21st 2003. More details soon.

Erks scorers:
Overare 18, Herd 18, Kimani 13, Olufeso 10, Bromfield 4, Atkinson 2, McCusker 1, Williams.

Lakers scorers: Fortes 19, Bayliss 13, Hall 9 (Posted 17.01.04)
Erks 1 lose by 3
Erks 1's first game of 2004 ended in defeat at Cardinals on Friday night. The final score was 51 - 54. More details soon. (Posted 15.01.04)
Erks 2 down Tigers by 76
A six man Erks 2 team decimated a five man Tigers team on Thursday night. John Kimani had the hot hand in the first half draining 6 treys on the way to a half total of 33. He added another 11 points in the second half to end up Erks' top scorer.

Tigers' Brian Pittman scored an impressive 25 in reply.

The full game report is here.

Erks scorers: John Kimani 44, Martin Overare 36, Dave Bromfield 16, Richard Williams 14, Lee Atkinson 14, Peter Horrell 2. (Posted 8.01.04)
Erks 2 in trey fest
Erks 2 continued their winning streak on Thursday 4th with a comfortable 97 - 58 win against Tigers. Chris Olufeso top scored with 21 points while coach, Declan McCusker, hit a season high 17 points.

27 Erks points came from three pointers with Chris Olufeso hitting five and John Kimani two. Richard "Chims" Williams and Martin Overare also showed that they can play out of the paint hitting one each.

Erks scorers: Chris Olufeso 21, Declan McCusker 17, John Kimani 16, Lee Atkinson 16, Martin Overare 16, Richard Williams 9, Dave Bromfield 2. (Posted 5.12.03)
Erks 1 by 10
Erks 1 continued their winning ways with an 83 - 73 point win at Lakers on Friday night.

More details soon. (Posted 29.11.03)
Erks 1 get second win - just
Erks 1 held on to beat Forest by two on Thursday night. Leading by 18 going into the final quarter, Forest came back to tie the game at 66 - 66 until a Wes Fortt jump shot sealed Erks 1's second win of the season.

Full report here. (Posted 14.11.03)
Erks 2 by 14
Erks 2's unbeaten run extended to 5 - 0 last night as they beat 16 Reg 72 - 58. More details to follow. (Posted 12.11.03)
Erks 1 get first win
Erks 1 posted their first win this season last Sunday at Spitfires, 88 - 80. (Posted 12.11.03)
Erks 2 beat Forest
Erks 2 maintained their unbeaten run in this year's EMBL with a convincing 36 point win at Forest on Thursday night.

Brief report here. (Posted 11.11.03)
Erks 2 top 1
It was a close and entertaining game going into the fourth quarter but last season's EMBL champions, Erks 2, finished stronger to win the Tuesday night game, 91 - 73, at Sydney Russell.

Full report and pictures will be here. (Posted 05.11.03)
Erks 2 by 16
New signings John Kimani and Yinka Aramide contributed 29 and 8 points respectively in the 64 - 48 win over Hainault last night.

Full report here. (Posted 17.10.03)
Erks 1 lose opener
Hainault Stars proved too strong for Erks 1 on Sunday afternoon winning the game 85 - 56.

Full report here. (Posted 12.10.03)
Erks 2 off to good start
Defending champions Erks 2 started off as they finished last May with a comfortable 75 - 50 victory over Lakers. The halftime score was 26 - 23 however a massive third quarter for the Erks saw them dominate the Lakers and achieve the victory.

Erks scorers: Martin Overare 18, John Kimani 18, Dave Passacantilli 16, Paul Hayden 10, Lee Atkinson 6, Declan McCusker 5, Richard Williams 2. (Posted 6.10.03)
New season
The new EMBL 2003 / 2004 season tips off on Tuesday 30th September with Erks 1 facing last season's play off runners up Cardinals. Tip off is 20:40 at Sydney Russell.

Last season's double champions, Erks 2, open their campaign against Lakers on Thursday 2nd October.

Click here to read how we got on in last year's campaign. (Posted 16.09.03)
Home Courts
All Essex Metro home games are played at Sydney Russell unless otherwise stated.

Click on the following links for directions to where we train and play:
Erks 1 (2)- Essex Metro Schedule 2003 / 2004
Game Date Opponent Tip Off Score
2 Sun 12th at Stars 20:40 56 - 85 Loss
3 Tue 4th Erks 2 20:40 73 - 91 Loss
4 Sun 9th at Spitfires TBA 88 - 80 Win
5 Thurs 13th at Forest TBA 68 - 66 Win
7 Fri 28th at Lakers TBA 83 - 73 Win
8 Tue 9th Tigers 20:40 72 - 48 Win
9 Fri 9th at Cardinals TBA 51 - 54 Loss
11 Tue 3rd Stars 20:40 55 - 79 Loss
12 Tue 10th Spitfires 20:40 62 - 73 Loss
10R Thurs 26th at Forest 20:00 74 - 68 Win
1R Tue 2nd Cardinals 20:40 56 - 54 Win
13 Thurs 11th at Erks 2 20:40 66 - 83 Loss
15 Thurs 25th at Tigers TBA 91 - 72 Win
16 Tue 30th Lakers 20:40 62 - 63 Loss
6R Thurs 1st at 16 Regt 19:45 87 - 97 Loss
14R Tue 6th 16 Regt 20:40 76 - 86 Loss

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